What is “Cryomera”?

Cryomera is simply an alias I use to express myself through art, exploring of themes such as relationships, technology, and faith using pen, ink, and relief printmaking as my primary mediums. I package my style together using the convenient label of “Dark Surrealism/Futurism”.

As for the name, it’s a combination of “cryo-“, a prefix commonly used in science fiction, and “chimera”, an mythological beast composed of conflicting parts, which captures the wild nature of my artwork. It’s sounds like something I put a lot of thought into, but the boring truth is that I came up with it on a bus ride from work one day.


While a large percentage of my work is realized using pen and ink with minimal color, I also specialize in relief printmaking, which involves carving a design out of a rigid surface, then making impressions of the art on paper and fabric.

To observe this process live, follow my Twitch channel to watch it unfold.