Update #1: Screeonk

Update #1: Screeonk

Dumb joke. Didn't expect this to look like šŸ‡ÆšŸ‡µ
[Inserta random Godzilla fan reference in title]

I haven't posted the updated version of this Man-o-war, which I drew on the printing block with markers. It felt tedious after a while to draw/erase constantly, so I scanned what I had, imported the picture to my iPad, then used "Procreate" to modify certain elements. I ended up with this.

Now that the basic edits are finished, I will transfer this version onto the block next...to draw over it again.

Why go from digital back to traditional? Because this update provides enough visual information for me to "fill in the blanks" with the exact details I want. Plus, I get stuck in editing hell whenever I draw digitally, so I need a cut off point, and it's easier to reach it with traditional media. I feel most comfortable when I work with something tangible.

I also wanted to change the overall tone. Digital has this neat feature called "undo", so I can instantly tweak everything over and over until it fit the sinister look I want. The first version seemed a lot more melancholy, but once I added a black, blue and red color scheme, it changed the mood completely. I wanted her pose and facial expression to go from somewhat contemplative to proud of her new catch*.
*(The circles. It's a supposed to be a skull. Obviously.

I couldn't marathon the creation of this on Twitch due to some last minute tasks that took priority, but I will still be working on this in the next couple of weeks; both the carving and the blog.


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