Update: Art & Wellness

If you're browsing this shop and taking time to read this page, I want to thank you for your kind support and taking interest in my work.

Based on several factors explained further down in his post, the below changes have been implemented which, as a seller, guarantees that I can deliver high quality art while providing customers full transparency into the buying and delivery process of their newly purchased items.


Up to 2 week processing times for block prints

While this mostly pertains to garments, shipping notifications will be sent once its determined that the ink is fully cured. This means tees can be washed immediately upon arrival.
Customers will be notified via email if this time period extends longer than 2 weeks.

One-offs and restocking

More "one-offs" and tees will be added, but restocking is not guaranteed. However, there will be a greater quantity and variety of these unique prints available in the future.

Email response times

Contact form submissions will receive a response within a span of one to seven days.
Commissions inquiries that don't mention the type of desired are assumed to spam and will not a receive a follow up.

Vacation mode + temporary closures

Whether it's due to travel or personal reasons, the banner at the top of the site will be updated if the shop is temporarily on hold. Note that items can be added to cart, but orders cannot be processed until the shop reopens.

3/12/24 - A Personal Update from the Artist

Why are some of these changes in place?

I aim to offer the best possible service I can. Considering that a vast majority of orders are for hand-printed items, which I take great pride and joy in creating, I want my appreciation to be apparent the moment a customer opens the package.

However, if I am not setting reasonable expectations with regards to shipping times, image quality in person, or communication, it can send a message that I don't care, though it's the opposite that's true. I regret to say that before I posted this update, I have been inconsistent in maintaining these standards with certain orders, which made me reevaluate how I work and what could be done to prevent these mistakes from happening again.

These weren't issues back when I launched this store. Recently, however, some unexpected challenges in my health and wellness began to impact my life in such a way that I can no longer maintain the pace I once had in the beginning. After careful consideration, this prompted me to change not only how I run this shop, but how I should approach art going forward.

Given I must work at a slower speed now, it would seem even more counterproductive to stick with a medium like block printing that is characterized by its laboriousness. Sure, I could just have everything commercially printed from here on out, but then what's the point of being a print maker?

In having to accept a new lifestyle, I made the above changes so that I can maintain a balance between conducting business, facilitating open communication with patrons, allowing enough time as needed to create quality items, and above all paying attention to my health. That way, I can keep doing what I love while showing gratitude to those who made it possible.

Thank you for understanding and being a part of this journey.